bueno, a pedido de algunos amigos del exterior, voy a empezar a mechar algunos mensajes en inglés

now, by popular demand of some foreign friends, I'm starting to mix-in some messages in english

sunday, waiting for customers to thumb up a project, spent most of the day online, browsing.
played trivial pursuit a bit with cecilia, lots of fun, huh ?
well, researching on the net for Comic Publishers I've found Marvel, Darkhorse and Image comics are accepting submissions.
The contracts may vary, whilst Marvel takes absolutely no responsability for anything that could happen to your work, Image seems to be aiming to higher standards, both in art quality and ethics.
I'd say Image suits me the best, still I don't know if I'm up to their artistic standards, Spawn and other books are just impressive. I should have a look at other works they've published.
About Darkhorse, they seem receptive, but I don't like much the overall look of their books. Perhaps they don't have the right editors, or the right artists. Not sure, might be worth a try anyway.

In the computer side of me.... I've been thinking of something I call "Object-Dimension Model"
(as opposed to the ER and OR models.)
The basic idea is that most of the transactions we record in our daily databases deal with hundreds of repetitive tasks. Say for example, an invoice introduces no new data into the system. Still in the ER model we create two tuples, or tables to store headers and detail. No new data has been created, the items are physical objects that are moved from the domain of the supplier into the domain of the customer. The "SALE" is just a log of that Delta. So, a transaction in my model is a movement in one dimension, from one domain into another. Transactions wouldn't have to be modelled over and over again in every system you develop, because they ALWAYS include one dimension we cannot avoid, that is, TIME.
Coding over and over again systems that deal with time is an enormous waste of TIME indeed.

Updates soon. Stay tuned.